Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I ran across a saying today: "Set out each day Believing in your Dreams.  Know without a doubt that you were Made for Amazing things."
It came to me at the perfect moment.  When my knees felt weak and I could barely stand.  I have to remember this.  When there are ups and downs literally every minute, its the little things that lift us up and appear before us when we most need them.

Adam and I got to the gym today.  Just walking in felt so good.  Getting hugs was even better.  Thanks guys...Lindsay, Cliff, Johnny...and all!  I LOVE the purple "Team G" bracelet idea!!!!!!!!! guys are AMAZING!!!

I was thinking last night...when I'm at work in the ICU, I always tell my patients families that they have to take each day at a time, each hour at a time.  I truly didn't know what that was like until now.

Thursday (tomorrow) will be a big day.  We meet with the Oncologist Dr. Marina and her team tomorrow at 3:15pm to finally get some answers.  We will also meet with the Radiologist doctor at the Stanford Cancer Clinic on Monday at 1pm.  Two big days coming up.  I'm hopeful.

Right now I can hear the kids laughter coming from outside and it makes me happy, so happy.  Its the little things.



  1. Today was the first time I've been to G's blog on my computer (every other time was on my iphone or ipad). I smiled big as I saw the jelly beans! She must have loved choosing the background! I think she needs and deserves a big jelly bean cake!! Although I barely know you, I have your family in my prayers and thoughts. Big hugs, Renee

  2. We're thinking of your family everyday! The strength of character reflected in this blog and your immense love for one other is a tremendous source of inspiration. Big love to you all! Kirsten Mehl