Monday, March 19, 2012


Just wanted to share a couple photos from the weekend. Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers.

Auntie Mel making us dinner

Uncle Ronnie and Daddy with G enjoying a movie

A little ice cream in a martini glass

Bridget discovering Papa and sharing an ice cream

Only way Mommy and Daddy could get G on the CT scanner table.


  1. Thanks for posting these... LOVE them! :-)

  2. Kristen, you and I don't know each other but I was forwarded your blog by Susan Locke (my mom). I've been choked up on and off since I read this yesterday--in other words, I'm a mom as well and obviously I can't say I directly feel the level of hurt that you do but I can easily tap into it and even from where I stand, it hurts too much. As parents, we would take on this pain as our own any day so that our children could continue to live as carefree and pain-free as they should. The beautiful thing is that your bond with Gabriella is so strong that you are able to infuse each other with such a strong will and fight in such a trying, confusing, and frightening time. You're just a few days in but setting a beautiful foundation on which to brave this storm. You've got a sturdy boat, strong sails and a team of strong boats surrounding you to help lessen the tougher waves and winds. I'm not physically near you but I'm here from afar as a fellow sturdy boat with my sails up when and if you need them to lean on. And, I wholeheartedly mean this--contact me whenever you need another mom to cry to or listen to you; we moms feel each other's pains and joys.
    I'm mailing a gift to Melanie today from our family, more specifically from my 2.5 year old son Landon and 11 month old daughter Charlotte. I hope it brings a smile to Gabriella's face because as you know, at the end of the day, seeing your child smile, signals your heart to smile too.
    Big hugs to you all,
    The Klein Family (Victoria, Adam, Landon, Charlotte)